Closing event

Naked chess

Drawing Edgar Jansen

The prizegiving for the Euwe Memorial tournament took place in De Kring, a location already special on account of the many chess players and artists who made the club both famous and infamous. On sunday evening the setting was even more special as visitors were immediately confronted upon entry with a chess performance by Jennifer Shahade of her creation of Naked Chess, this time as a simul against three chess playing, nude artists’ models. The lighting created dramatic shadows against the back wall while Shahade walked from board to board in her beautifully stylized dress. Against this back-drop Hans Böhm smoothly introduced the audience to the various acts.

David Levy reminisced about his conversations with Max Euwe on the future of computer chess. Hans Ree and Alexander Munninghof sang the Euwe March striking exactly the right degree of solemnity.

Tex de Wit proved humor and chess certainly mix well, opening his stand-up act with thanks to tournament director Monique van de Griendt for meeting his exacting pre-conditions, which had apparently included having three nudes next to him on stage playing chess!

At the end the tournament participants accepted their prizes to loud applause. Thanks to them it was a fantastic tournament. The organisation therefore hopes that the Max Euwe Tournament will take place again in the near future.