Hans Böhm

Hans Böhm (b. 1950) was Dutch youth champion in 1968 and travelled the world in the seventies as International Master (IM), together with bosom friend Jan Timman. He obtained his best chess results in 1975 with second place in the Dutch championship (score 9/11) and a second place in the IBM Grandmaster Tournament in Amsterdam.

Since 1980 Hans Böhm has worked on radio and television. He had a very successful radio programme ‘Man and Knight’ (an untranslatable pun on the chess piece and a Dutch expression meaning being straightforward and saying it as it is).  For ten years he was a panel member in the Dutch version of the tv programme ‘That’s Life’. Currently he is working on several projects in the area of communication, motivation and leadership. Hans Böhm is regularly invited to serve as a conference chairman or speaker.

In recognition of his merit for the Dutch chess world Böhm received the Max Euwe ring in 1996 from Jan Timman. He passed the ring on in 2001 to Hans Ree.

Hans Böhm will present the closing ceremony on 20 November at 17:00 in Artists’ Society De Kring at the Leidseplein.