Robin van Kampen

Foto: Bas Beekhuizen

Robin van Kampen (b. 1994) started playing chess in the Baarn chess club when he was seven. At the moment he plays in the top division of the Dutch national league for his club HSG and in Germany for SV Bochum in the 2nd Bundesliga West.

He has achieved a unique series of national youth titles:  champion at under- 12 level in 2006, at under-14 in 2007, at under-16 in 2008 and at under-20 in 2009. These titles qualified him to play in several junior world championships, among others in Georgia and Vietnam. Van Kampen finished 2nd in 2009 at the under-16 European Championship in Italy. In that same year he scored his final IM norm in the Atlantis tournament in Groningen and became the Netherlands’ youngest IM ever.

Van Kampen achieved his first GM norm in 2010 at the BDO chess tournament in Haarlem. His second norm was scored in the Christmas tournament in Groningen and his third and final norm in Dortmund at the Helmut Kohls Turnier. He became the youngest player born in the Netherlands to attain the grandmaster title. The new record stands at 16 years, 8 months and 17 days.